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To all mommas: I have known Janet for 30 years and Rey for 15 years. I grew up with Janet and met Rey when they started dating. Janet and Rey are the kind of people you can rely on and are always there to help anyone out in any given circumstances. They are a loving, loyal, selfless and moral couple who I know without a doubt will be wonderful parents. I have had the privilege to witness their relationship over the years and can attest to their characters and commitment to not only each other but to those they love most, family and friends. Janet and Rey have a strong marriage based on the foundation of their faith. They always work together to resolve any problem that might come their way and have always supported each other’s dreams and aspirations. In addition, Janet and Rey have a beautiful relationship with each of their nieces and nephews. To share an example, Janet and Rey have weekend slumber parties with their nieces and nephews. They watch movies, play games, take them to the water parks, go to the zoo, and love them beyond measure. They love showing their support by attending any dance recitals and sporting events as well. I could only imagine if they are such a great aunt and uncles to them, how much more they will treat their own children. Their hearts are truly made of gold. Rest assured that this couple will love and raise your child with good moral values to become a successful, loving, caring and passionate person to make a change in this world. Your child will not only be loved by Janet and Rey but by their future family members who are ready to receive a new adorable blessing with open arms!

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Emily Howard

best friend of Janet

Janet and I have known each other for twenty years now. She and Rey are some of the best people I know. They are caring, supportive and loyal. I would not be the person I am today without Janet in my life. She is the sister I never had and never knew that I needed. She has always stuck by my side through all the ups and downs that life threw at me and now I am trying to do the same for her and Rey. Janet and Rey have so much love in their hearts, not only for each other but for those around them. You can see this by the way they teach, guide and love their many nieces, nephews and godchildren. I cannot think of another couple more capable and deserving of their own little one to love.

Emily Howard Endorsed Family oriented, Big Sports Fans, Loyal to family and friends, Loving, Love to travel, Hardworking and Dependable

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Family Friend

Love Rey and Janet. Have known them for years and simply can’t wait for them to become parents. They are wonderful with our children and they love spending time with them. Any kiddo would be lucky to land in there home.

Shawn Endorsed Hardworking and Dependable, Loving, Loyal to family and friends, Big Sports Fans, Family oriented

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