Kimberly & Brian

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


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Extended Family

Ourselves and our boys Joe whom is 15 and Jake who is 8, would all love to see Kim and Brian become parents. Kim and Brian are both so attentive and caring with our two boys and their need of alternative methods of interaction. Our boys have autism and both Kim and Brian have gone out of their way to better understand each of our children's unique needs and they are sensitive to these needs. My children love spending time with Kim and Brian and feel at home at their house as well feel loved by their dogs whom as well use social cues from my boys to understand play and when the boys are overstimulated and really just need to pet them and not play. We have had many opportunities to see Kim and Brian in our community and see the love that they have for our church family’s children as well. They love to partake in children's birthday parties although they currently don't have a child of their own. As well as they love to participate in family centered activities, especially holidays where they have built wonderful family traditions that they hope to one day pass onto their children. Our family could not have been anymore blessed than having Kim and Brian in our lives and the lives of our children. They are full of faith and love and understanding and they encompass every aspect that a parent should have, and they are more than ready to be parents. What Joe loves most about Kim and Brian is that they are nice, compassionate and loving towards him. What Jake loves most about Kim is that she is nice, and she gives me loves. What Jake loves most about Brian is he is funny and jokes with me. And they both said the best thing about them is that they know that they love them so much!

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Brian and Kimberly have been waiting and are excited to share all their Love with a baby. They are a loving couple with a lot of love and caring to pass on. They both have extended family who are very supportive and can hardly wait to share in their joy. Brian and Kimberly are active in their Church and Sunday School Class. They have made great friends who are also very supportive and enjoy spending time together. A baby would be a true blessing for both of them.

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Long time family friend

I have seen Kim and Brian love on other’s children over the past couple of years. Their hearts are bigger than Texas. They are patient and kind, while being practical. They are prepared for a child of their own.

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